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Captain Midnight

First syndicated in 1939 in the Midwest, and then picked up by Mutual Broadcasting System, Captain Midnight took the radio nation by storm. At the height of the show's popularity, listeners ranked in the millions with its fan base comprised of adults and children in nearly equal numbers. Like the show creators' earlier hit, Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen, Captain Midnight promotions became a national phenomenon. Members of the Captain Midnight Flight Patrol received a bronze medal emblazoned on one side with a secret password, which only Patrol members would know, and which would be incorporated into the episode plot lines

Upon returning from a highly dangerous WWI mission at exactly midnight, Captain Jim "Red" Albright's army general dubbed him with the moniker, "Captain Midnight," and a radio hero was born. In 1940, Captain Midnight's role shifted shortly before the U.S. entered WWII. He was assigned to the Secret Squadron, a paramilitary air command involved in intelligence reconnaissance, crime investigations, and other top secret missions in various parts of the world, including right within U.S. borders.

The captain's enemies list changed to reflect current events. For example, after the U.S. entered the war, Baron von Karp, Admiral Himakito and von Schrecker became his targets. Of course, Captain Midnight continued ongoing battles with his arch-nemesis, Ivan Shark, an ominous evildoer in pursuit of world domination.. After the war ended, Captain Midnight continued operations in South America and elsewhere before its final airing on December 15, 1949.

There are 121 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Ivan Sharks Plan To Trap Captain Midnight December 13, 1939
Pinky and Slim Missing December 7, 1939
Captain Midnight And The Dungeon Of Death December 20, 1939
Water Levels Drop In The Dungeon Trap December 27, 1939
Captain Midnight Plans To Burn His Plane December 14, 1939
Preparing For A Thrilling Takeoff November 30, 1939
Forced Landing Into Stampeding Cattle December 11, 1939
Chuck Shot Down By Ivan Shark December 15, 1939
Where Is Ivan Shark? December 28, 1939
Taken By Surprise December 5, 1939
Strange Plane Approaches December 6, 1939
Battle Of The Hacienda December 29, 1939
Ivan Shark Plans An Attack December 4, 1939
Chuck Is Shot Down November 27, 1939
Strange Things Are Happening December 1, 1939
Captain Midnight And Ivan Shark Face To Face December 22, 1939
Plans For River Escape On A Raft December 19, 1939
Ivan Shark Attacks Several Ways November 24, 1939
A Watery Grave For Captain Midnight December 21, 1939
Chuck Parachutes To Safety December 18, 1939
Cattle Drive By Airplane December 8, 1939
Ivan Shark Mad At Gordo December 12, 1939
Water Rises Trapping Captain Midnight And Ivan Shark December 26, 1939
Captain Midnight Escapes And Ivan Shark Is Furious November 29, 1939
Amazing Crash Landing November 28, 1939

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